Workshop Format

This workshop will last for one day (a full day). All participants with accepted papers are requested to present their works. Discussions during and after the workshop are encouraged.

Structured Presentation and Discussion

In order to enable maximum interaction and constructive feedback, the presentation and discussion of papers will be structured. Each accepted paper must give a presentation in this workshop. A 15 minute time slot is allocated to each accepted paper structured as follows:

● Presentation (10 minutes)

The presenter gives a short presentation, focusing on the "best" part of the paper, or the most challenging one. Each presenter must speak in English and use slides.

● Discussion (5 minutes)

Everyone in this workshop has the opportunity to ask the presenter(s) questions for clarification, answer previous questions, and initiate further discussions that he/she wants to participate in.

At last, the workshop will provide a group discussion session to allow participants to exchange their ideas, and share their research experiences.