Accpted Papers

·1.  Yukun Cao and Li Li, Chinese News Headline Classification Based On Hybrid Decision Method

·2.  Bo Li, Integration of QR code based on generation, parsing and business processing mechanism

·3.  Kunpeng Xu, Lifei Chen, Shengrui Wang and Beizhan Wang, A Self-representation Model for Robust Clustering of Categorical Sequences

·4.  Zhihu Qian, Ruoqian Zhang, Ling Zhang and Haifeng Zhu, Diversified Spatial Keyword Query on Topic Coverage

·5.  Liang Yuan, Lifei Chen, Rong Xie and Huihuang Hsu, Sequence-As-Feature Representation for Subspace Classification of Multivariate Time Series

·6.  Ying He, Discovering Congestion Propagation Patterns by Co-location Pattern Mining

·7.  Lingling Li, Caihong Li, Yuan Wu, Yi Yang and Yixuan Zhang, A hybrid approach applied to internal quality evaluation of food by NIR spectroscopy

·8.  Rong Xie, Cunfeng Gu and Lifei Chen, Large scale UAVs collaborative formation simulation based on starlings’ flight mechanism

·9.  Hongmei Chen, Peizhong Yang, Lizhen Wang and Qing Xiao, Measuring the Spatio-temporal Similarity between Users

·10. Huaizhou Su, Yande Liand Li Liu, Gesture recognition based on accelerometer and gyroscope and its application in medical and smart homes 

·11. Xiangyu Jiang, Yonggang Lu, Zhenyu Lu and Huiyu Zhou, Smartphone-based human activity recognition using CNN in frequency domain

·12. Ning Yang and Shuaibing Li, The text classification methods based on SVD and FCM